College Prep Major

Photographer: Hannah Woodruff

A Unique Program at FLC

Welcome to the page for College Prep majors! The College Prep major is unique at Franklin Learning Center in that it allows students to pursue a variety of fields of study. College Prep majors commit to earning a 3.0 GPA and completing two college-level classes by graduation. However, given that this major is not content specific, students are encouraged to try out several different options of courses they’d like to take. From Philosophy to Music and Journalism to Art, students in the College Prep major have the unique ability to forge their own curriculum. This allows students to explore their own interests and emphasizes the career readiness mentality that College Prep looks to foster.

Please feel free to email Mr. Chrestay or Mr. Magliaro with any further questions.

Apply to FLC’s College Prep Major for the 2024-25 School Year:

Complete the School District of Philadelphia School Selection Application
use FLC’s College Prep Code: 229P

In order to be considered for admission at FLC, you must submit the online high school application on the Philadelphia School District website