Computer Science Major

FLC’s Computer Science Program is a three year program of study in which students learn web site design, game design, database design, programming concepts, physics, and Java. Web Site Design, Database Design and Game Design are all half-year courses. Physics and AP Computer Science (Java) are both full year courses for seniors. Students in FLC’s Computer Science program are typically in honor math courses since having a strong math foundation is essential to programming. FLC CS students are also found in many after-school clubs and activities, including the Robocats, Game Club, and compete in the PA High School Computer Fair. When applying to the FLC CS program, please select Computer and Business Applications on the application form.

Apply to FLC’s Computer Science Program for the 2024-25 School Year:

  1. Complete the School District of Philadelphia School Selection Application
    use FLC Computer Science Code: 229C

In order to be considered for admission at FLC, you must submit the online high school application on the Philadelphia School District website